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On October 7, 1960, the Academy was founded as The Korean Academy of Dental Perio by Dong-Sun Moon, Nak-Hui Kim, Joon-Sun Kang, Jae-Hyun Lee, and Hung-Soo Chang at lecture room 3 of College of Dentistry, Seoul National University. At the inaugural meeting Nak-Hui Kim was elected as the president and Hung-Soo Chang and Jae-Hyun Lee were elected as the vice-presidents.

The annual meeting of the Academy has been held since 1972 and is continuing until now. The name of the Academy was changed to The Korea Academy of Periodontology (KAP) at the board meeting on January 17, 1973. The Seoul branch and the Kyung-Buk branch were established in November 1966 and in May 1984, respectively.

Ever since its foundation, KAP has tried to enrich its members by hosting academic symposiums, clinical training, and special lectures by internationally prominent scholars. On October 27 and 28, 1980, KAP celebrated the 20th anniversary of its foundation at Seoul National University Dental Hospital.

Journal of Korea Academy of Periodontology published its first issue on October 25, 1971 and has been publishing since then. In 1976, a committee was set up to standardize periodontal terminologies in Korean. The Glossary of Terms of Periodontology and The Almanac of Academic Articles of Periodontology were published on October 25, 1980, thereby contributing to the advancement in the field of periodontology. Currently, the office is located in Gwang Hwa Moon OFFICIA building and academic meetings for KAP members are annually held twice, every spring and autumn. In addition, academic symposiums are held three times a year and the Journal of Periodontal & Implant Science is published bi-monthly, six times a year.

On October 7th, 1994 the partnership was established with the Japanese Society of Periodontology. Academic cooperation and network and mutual friendship was promoted through exchange visits every other year. Having started with only 36 members when it was first founded, as of 2008, KAP currently has 1803 members. To assist the works of the president and the vice-president, the board now has general director, academic director, financial director, editing director, press director, public relation director, international director, and insurance director.

International Exchange

Asian Pacific Society of Periodontology
- As one of the member countries, KAP hosted the 2nd APSP Seoul meeting in 1997 and the 12th APSP SEOUL meeting in 2017.
Japanese Society of Periodontology
- MOU every 3 years (1st signing ceremony: 1991.9.18)
Chinese Society of Periodontology
- MOU every 5 years (1st signing ceremony: 2010.11.27)
- China-Korea Young Researcher Exchange Program is held alternately in China and Seoul since 2015.
Mongolian Association of Periodontology
- MOU every 5 years (1st signing ceremony : 2010.11.27)
- Korean Academy of Periodontology-Mongolian Association of Periodontology (KAP-MAP) Educational workshop is held annually since 2011.
American Academy of Periodontology
- Resolution about mutual cooperation