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Regular dental checkups and scaling can help prevent periodontal disease and keep us healthy and happy

Periodontal disease is a major contributor to tooth loss in adults. We have conducted vast research since the establishment of KAP in 1960, and based on this research, we continue to strive to provide everyone in Korea with good periodontal treatment. Nevertheless, gingivitis and periodontal disease are extremely common, accounting for more than 10 million outpatient visits per year, not including those uncovered by insurance. Such statistics have pushed us to re-pledge our commitment to looking after the periodontal health of everyone in Korea. Connections have been found to exist between periodontal disease and various systemic diseases and everyone here at KAP and the periodontists across the country have come to realize that it is our duty to enable the Korean people to retain or regain good periodontal health as it affectsover all health as well.

We recommend regular visits to the dentist for scaling (plaque removal), which is the most basic and effective way to prevent and control periodontal disease. Germs contained within this can cause inflammation of the gums and/or alveolar bone. Therefore, plaque removal (scaling) to remove built-up of plaque and tartar is the most fundamental and the best treatment for preventing germs from invading the body via any wounds around the teeth.

In order to widely promote awareness of periodontal health, the Korean Academy of Periodontology has designated the 24th day of March as 'Gum Day', on which we provide the people with information on ways to prevent and treat periodontal disease (swelling of the gums and/or loss of alveolar bone), and share the latest news on the disease. We hope this booklet provides you with a lot of useful information and helps you to live a healthier life by maintaining good oral hygiene.

Regular dental checkups and scaling are the best ways to prevent periodontal disease.