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Greeting Address

국민의 삶의 질 향상을 위해 늘 고민하는

It is my great honor to be in charge of the important task as the 31st president of the Korean Academy of Periodontology (KAP) from 2021 to 2022.
Above all, there are many inevitable challenges in this unexpected COVID-19 era, therefore wisely solving them will be one of the most important things to do. Coincidentally, my pledge of "Go straight with substantiality", which I had announced when I was elected as the president of the KAP, would be quite appropriate in this situation.

I would like to explain the action plans in connection with the visions of the KAP in order to carry out my pledge.

First, I will carry on practicing "service and sharing" as before. We will continue to enlighten the public about periodontal diseases and provide voluntary scaling services for the disabled.
Second, I will strongly encourage "the members of KAP" to participate more actively by providing them with various important issues, including domestic and foreign academic information. In particular, we will take the lead in finding a solution when our members are involved in legal problems. Third, for the “academic and education”, I will prepare not only face-to-face (off-line) education programs ", but also non-face-to-face (on-line) training programs comparable to that, in case offline meetings are not possible. If there is any academic information useful for the clinical practices, we will organize it and share it with the members.

The most important thing that I would like to ask is your active participation and a lot of advice for the development of the KAP.

All the executives and I will do our best to improve the KAP.

The Korean Academy of Periodontology