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KAP Clinical Traineeship

The Korean Academy of Periodontology (KAP) is implementing a global fellowship program with the objective of enhancing the proficiency of dentists from low- and middle-income countries within the field of periodontology. We aim to facilitate the improvement of oral health in these countries by fostering an exchange of valuable skills and knowledge within periodontology. The annual World Bank classification of countries by income level serves as our reference to identify the low- and middle-income countries. It is our hope that this endeavor will solidify the role of KAP as a global leader in periodontology.
  • KAP Clinical Traineeship: The clinical traineeship aims to strengthen the clinical skills and knowledge of dentists from low- and middle-income countries, focusing on periodontology and implantology. University-affiliated dental institutions in South Korea offer short-term observational clinical training and learning opportunities to attendees.

    Eligibility: Dentists from low- and middle-income countries interested in participating in the clinical training are eligible to submit an application for traineeship.


    Financial support: Applicants deemed successful following a review process by the KAP board are eligible for financial assistance. The maximum amount an applicant can be awarded is 1,000,000 KRW, and this support is granted only once per recipient.


    Application: The required documents for application include the application form and the applicant's curriculum vitae.


    Application submission: Applications for the next year will be accepted until 31 December of the previous year. Applicants should submit required documents via email to the KAP office.

For further inquires, please send email to KAP office at the above address.